JFC 19 Scoring

Find out all about this years scoring and how to get to the Tour Championship Finals
What will the categories be for this year?

We will have 5 different categories

– 18 hole stableford

– 9 hole stableford

-11+ years flag event

– 8 – 10 years flag event

– 5 – 7 years flag event

How many events can I enter?

As many of them as you can!

How are points awarded this year for standard events?

Points will be awarded in the same way across all our categories including the stableford categories


Finishing Position Points Awarded
1st 200
2nd 190
3rd 180
4th 170
5th 160
6th 150
7th 140
8th 130
9th 120
10th 110
11th + 100
What are major events and are they worth more points?

Major events will be highlighted in the fixture list and yes they are worth more points.


Finishing Position Points Awarded
1st 350
2nd 340
3rd 330
4th 320
5th 310
6th 300
7th 290
8th 280
9th 270
10th 260
11th+ 250
Can I collect points at the fun events?

You can, each participant will collect 50 points at each of our non standard events which will be added to their total

So how do I qualify for the Tour Championship Finals?

Everyone has a chance of qualifying!

Come the end of September we will tally up all the points and each players top 5 scores plus 20% of their overall points total will form the order of merit, the top 20 players in each category will be invited to our Tour Championship Finals

What do the Tour Championship Finals cost?

Each player successful in making it in to the top 20 of their categories will be invited to the tour championship finals. Players will be invited to join the finals where points will be reset and players will battle it out for more points to eventually be crowned Tour Champion for their respective categories.

Cost for the finals will be £45 for the 3 events and this will include something for each of the children to eat at each venues

What are the points at the Tour Championship Finals?

The points for the final events are as follows


Finishing Position Points Awarded
1st 700
2nd 680
3rd 660
4th 640
5th 620
6th 600
7th 580
8th 560
9th 540
10th 520
11th+ 500
Where are the finals being held?

Top secret at the moment we are afraid….but we can guarantee that you will not be disappointed!