About GolPhin


GolPhin, based in Scotland, the Home of Golf, designs and manufactures innovative kids golf clubs. In particular, the company focuses on beginners aged between 3 and 12 years of age.


The company has a passion, ethos and principles all focused on providing young kids with an enjoyable, fun filled and confidence-building learning experience when they are introduced to golf. Making golf fun and easier to learn, results in kids learning a proper swing and technique, from the very beginning.


Founder and CEO Calum McPherson, a former scratch golfer, was inspired to help more kids get in to golf when he experienced the frustrations of his own kids struggling to enjoy the game. This was largely down to the inappropriateness of the equipment with golf clubs that were too heavy for the kids to swing without loss of balance.

Why our GFK clubs are the best junior golf clubs


The technology that has revolutionised kids golf:


Radial Profile Makes Club Suitable for All Ages

35% Larger Sweet Spot for More Great Shots

Weight Distribution Favours the Lower Half of the Club Head­

Made with High Quality Aerospace Alloy that is 22% Lighter than Standard Junior Clubs