Prestwick St Nicholas Golf Club Event



Tour Director

New for this year, I am going to try and write a blog post giving a post match analysis of each event this year. So as yesterday was out first event of the year, here is the first blog post of the year with the few photos I managed to capture before the cold stole the battery life out my phone and camera!

Windy, windy!

Lets start things off with the weather! It was cold and (very!) windy all day! So hats off to those that stuck it out and got round, from what I saw there was certainly some great golf being played despite the fact that I am sure most couldn’t feel their fingers!

First off the tee was the 18 hole stableford players, with a good mix of abilities from single figure golfers to those with handicaps in the 20’s, the wind was driving off the sea which meant the first was playing downwind off the right bringing the trouble in down the left, thankfully very few visited the tall stuff! I managed to catch up with a few of the groups as they came towards the end of their round. 16 and 17 were playing very tricky as they were so exposed to the elements! The player who came in first for the 18 hole stableford was Tobin with a fantastic 40 points (and a handicap cut to go with it!)

Up next we had the 9 hole stableford, this was a new category for this year, designed to cater for those who had gained a handicap but would have probably found it a bit of a slog over the 18 holes, perfect as an inbetween for the flag and the 18 hole stableford. Plenty of great golfers to be found within this group, some found it a little tougher than others but again there was some great golf played in the testing conditions, yesterdays category winner was Ben with a score of 19 points but there were plenty right on his heels waiting to catch him if he was to slip up!

Lastly we had the flag event, this category made up the largest part of yesterdays event with ages ranging from 5 to 13 years of age, we had only one competitor complete the 9 holes yesterday within his 36 shot allocation who was Oliver. Congratulations to him. It was great to see how many of the competitors who participated on last years tour have returned are posting better scores than they managed last year! Dedication to their Winter practice has been the key I have been informed! Those playing in the flag event bore the brunt of the backlog of players on the course as mentioned in my email, rest assured this will be rectified for the weekend when we have some more times to play with and move back to our regular time intervals between groups.

A big thank you as always to our sponsors and tour partners, Golphin, Chinnydipper, Caddie Marketing, Golf Fit, Playsport Golf, First Point USA, Mearns Castle Golf Academy, Andy Carlton Golf and Campbell Dallas. Without them very few of these events would be possible!